Configuring Actions

Much of the power for Drafts resides in actions. Actions are can be used to export to other apps and services, to send messages and email – but also for simple things like inserting text.

An action consists of one or more action steps which do the actual work of the action, but also has basic configuration options and settings covered in this article.

To edit an action, swipe to the right on an action in the action list and select “Edit”.

Actions Settings

  • Identification
    • In the identification section, the action name can be assigned as well as an icon (tap icon to select) and tint color. Use the “X” in the color row, which will use the default tint color for the current theme.
  • Steps
    • Displays count of action steps in the group. Tap to view and modify action steps. See action steps for more information about available steps
  • Description
    • Optional description of the action. Especially helpful when sharing actions to help other understand how they are intended to function.
  • Keyboard Appearance
    • Key label: When this action is show as a key in the extended keyboard, use this text instead of the action name. Useful for providing abbreviated label that fits in the keyboard better.
    • Show icon: If enabled, the action icon will also be displayed in they keyboard row.
  • External Keyboard Shortcut
    • Optionally assign a keyboard shortcut which can be used to trigger this action from an external keyboard attached your device.
  • Advanced