Action Examples

Below are several sample Action Groups to be installed in Drafts 5. We will be updating these groups as progress is made on the preview. To install, download and on a device with Drafts installed, select the file and “Copy to Drafts” in the share sheet.

Sample Action Groups

  • Basic - Download
    • Collection of basic actions as setup by default in new installations.
  • Apps - Download
    • Collection of actions for popular third party apps, like OmniFocus, Things, Fantastical, etc.
  • Keyboard-Basic - Download
    • Default keyboard with cursor movement, undo-redo and other sample keys.
  • Keyboard-Markdown - Download
    • Default Markdown keyboard, with sample scripted keys for common Markdown items, like headers, bold, emphasis, etc.

Advanced Examples

  • Add to List - Download
    • Prompt user to select category, append draft to list tagged “lists” for that category. Example of maintaining “Movies to Watch” or other simple lists.
  • New with Template & Tags - Download
    • Creates a new draft with a meeting notes template pre-filled and “meetings” tag assigned.
  • Post Gist to Github - Download
    • Use HTTP scripting to create an anonymous Gist on Github and place the URL in the clipboard.
  • Post to - Download
    • Post directly to a hosted accounts. Required editing after install to add your custom app token generate on site.
  • Zapier Catch Hook Example - Download