Draft List Options

The draft list has a number of features to help organize and work with drafts.


Tap on the search field (magnifying glass) in the top to search for drafts containing some specific text.

Tag Filters

Tap the filter button at the top, or swipe to the right on the draft list to show the tag filter sidebar. Tap on one or more tag to filter to the list to show only drafts with those tags. “Show all” to remove tag filters, or use the special “untagged” filter to show only drafts which do not have any tags assigned.

Sorting and Display Options

Additional sorting and display options can be selected using the list options “…” button at the top right of the draft list.

Workspaces PRO

If you have particular sets of filters you use often, you can save all the filtering, search and display options as a “Workspace” in the list options “…” view. Saved workspaces can be selected all the active list options will be set to those stored in the workspace. Read the Workspaces article for more details.