Action Groups

Actions are organized in action groups. At any time, a single action group is loaded into the action list, and one loaded as the active keyboard in the extended keyboard.

To access groups, swipe to the left in the action list, or tap the title of the current group at the top of the list, and groups slide out from the side Tap on a group in the group list to load it in the action list.

Managing Groups

Some aspects of an action group can be modified directly in the action list when a group is loaded. Actions can be reordered by drag and drop and edited by swiping to the right on an action - but more detailed group editing is done in the group management view.

Tap “Manage” in the group list, or use the edit button in the keyboard selection window to open the groups management window. Here groups can be created and edited.

Group Settings

  • Identification
    • In the identification section, the group name can be assigned as well as an icon (tap icon to select) and tint color. Use the “X” in the color row, which will use the default tint color for the current theme.
  • Actions
    • Displays count of actions in the group. Tap to view and modify actions.
  • Visibility
    • Available as keyboard: If enabled, the group will be available to select as a row in the extended keyboard.
  • Advanced
    • After success: Covered in more detail in the advanced action settings article, the after success setting controls the default completion behavior of actions in the group.
  • Share to Action Directory PRO

    • Use to share, update or remove a listing for this group in the Action Directory