Action Step – Callback URL

Similar to Open URL, but for use with other apps with support x-callback-url to return to other apps after completing a URL action.

When using this step, create a target URL in the template, but do not include x-callback-url return parameters (x-success, x-error, x-cancel) as Drafts will generate and add those parameters.

If the “Wait for response” option is enabled, Drafts will hold processing of the action waiting on a response from the target app. If the target app responds using x-success, the action will continue and any response parameters provided by the target app will be available in the context.callbackResponses (docs) object for subsequent script steps in the action. Additionally, new template tags will be defined for each parameter included in the callback response, named “callback_parameterName”. For example, if the callback included result=Hello, the template tag [[callback_result]] would be available for later action steps in the same action, and it would return Hello. If the target app responds with x-cancel callback, the action will be cancelled - x-error will fail the action and log responses.

If “Wait for response” is enabled, Drafts will wait for 120 seconds for a response from the target app, and cancel the remainder of the action if none is received.


  • Template: Template for URL.
  • Encode tags: If enabled, the output of Drafts template tags will automatically be encoded for use in URL query parameters. For example, if the current draft has the text “Hello World” the [[draft]] tag would return “Hello%20World” with this option enabled. If you are using tags previous encoded in prior action steps, this can be disabled.
  • Wait for response: If enabled, Drafts will wait for a callback response from a target app. See details above.