Action Step – Google Drive

Create, append or prepend to files in Google Drive.



  • Name: Template for file name, including extension.
  • Parent: Leave blank for root level of Google Drive, or include the name of a folder in the root level of Google Drive. The folder will be created when the action is run if it does not already exist.
  • Template: Template for the content of the file.
  • Template Output Format: The above template should be assumed to output text in the format selected here. Options are:
    • Text: The template outputs plain text. No further processing will be done.
    • Markdown: The template outputs Markdown and should be converted to HTML by the Markdown processor.
    • HTML: The template outputs fully formed HTML. This allows style and formatting information to be included to control output. Useful when combined with Upload Type parameter to create formatted Docs or PDFs.
  • Write Type:
    • create: Create a new file. If an existing file already exists at the location, create as new file with a number suffix added.
    • replace: Create new file, overwriting an existing if it exists.
    • prepend: Prepend template content at the beginning of the file. Create the file if it does not already exist. Only valid for Upload Type = Text.
    • append: Append template content at the end of the file. Create the file if it does not already exist. Only valid for Upload Type = Text.
  • Upload Type: This is used as a hint to tell Google Drive to convert the uploaded content to this type of file after upload. Combined with HTML input, this allow detailed control of uploaded documents.
  • Credential Identifier: A string identifier for the Google Drive account to use. This value is only needed if you wish to use more than one account with Drafts. If used, all actions with the same identifier will use the same alternate login for Google Drive.