Action Step – HTML Preview

Opens an in-app browser displaying the content of an HTML template. Commonly used for Markdown previews, but can display any HTML generated by the template or a script.

Continue-Cancel buttons

Note that the HTML Preview step displays both cancel and continue buttons. If the cancel button is used, the action is cancelled. If continue is used, the action continues. This only has a noticeable if there are additional action steps after the preview, but the buttons do behave differently. Consider an action which displays a preview, and then saves the content to a file if, and only if, the action is continued.



  • Template: The template should output a complete HTML document for display. Linking to external CSS, etc., is supported.

Built-in Templates

There are three options to set a default template on an HTML preview step. Each of these styles (Basic, Swiss, Foghorn) are configured to do Markdown conversion of current draft and display in a basic HTML wrapper suitable for most Markdown preview needs. To select one of the built-in templates, press the Reset button and select a template.

Import, Export and External Templates

Import and export buttons allow templates to be loaded from and saved back to files in the file system. External templates stored in iCloud Drive/Drafts/Library/Templates can also be referenced using the [[template|path]] template tag.