Action Step – List in Reminders

Create or add reminders to a list in the iOS Reminders app, using each line of the draft as a separate reminder.



  • List Template: Name of the Reminders list to use. If not found, it will be created.
  • Note Delimiter: Separator to distinguish beginning of notes on the line. Any text after this character on each line will be treated as a note, and text before will be used as the title of the task.
  • Template: Template for the lines to use to create reminder tasks. Default value [[draft]] uses the full content of the current draft.

Dynamic List Specifiers

In addition to pre-defining a list name for a List in Reminders step, the step will look at the first line of the text of the draft and if it starts with a “#”, “!” or “@” character, the text on that line will override the “List” value on the step and be used as the list name.