Action Step – Run Shortcut

Run a named shortcut in the Apple Shortcuts app.

If the “Wait for response” option is enabled, Drafts will hold processing of the action waiting on a response from Shortcuts. If the Shortcuts responds using x-success, the action will continue and any response parameters provided by the target app will be available in the context.callbackResponses (docs) object for subsequent script steps in the action. Additionally, a new template tag will be defined for the result parameter included in the callback response, named “shortcut_result”. For example, if the shortcut returned “Hello”, the template tag [[shortcut_result]] would be available for later action steps in the same action, and it would return Hello. If the target app responds with x-cancel callback, the action will be cancelled - x-error will fail the action and log responses.

If “Wait for response” is enabled, Drafts will wait for 120 seconds for a response from the target app, and cancel the remainder of the action if none is received.


  • Shortcut name: Name of a valid Shortcut in the Shortcuts app. Must match exactly.
  • Template: Template for content to send to Shortcuts as an “input” parameter.
  • Wait for response: If enabled, Drafts will wait for a callback response from a target app. See details above.