Action Step – Run Workflow

NOTE: With the release of the Shortcuts app, this step is deprecated in favor of the Run Shortcut action step. Run Workflow steps will continue to work with the Shortcuts app, but new ones should not be created.

Run a named workflow in the Workflow app.

If the “Wait for response” option is enabled, Drafts will hold processing of the action waiting on a response from Workflow. If the Workflow responds using x-success, the action will continue and any response parameters provided by the target app will be available in the context.callbackResponses (docs) object for subsequent script steps in the action. Additionally, a new template tag will be defined for the result parameter included in the callback response, named “workflow_result”. For example, if the workflow returned “Hello”, the template tag [[workflow_result]] would be available for later action steps in the same action, and it would return Hello. If the target app responds with x-cancel callback, the action will be cancelled - x-error will fail the action and log responses.

If “Wait for response” is enabled, Drafts will wait for 120 seconds for a response from the target app, and cancel the remainder of the action if none is received.


  • Workflow name: Name of a valid Workflow in the Workflow app. Must match exactly.
  • Template: Template for content to send to Workflow as an “input” parameter.
  • Wait for response: If enabled, Drafts will wait for a callback response from a target app. See details above.