Action Step – Todoist

Add a task to your inbox on the Todoist task management service. More advanced integration with Todoist is also available via the Todoist script object.



  • Template: Template for the content of the new task. Can contain Todoist quick task shorthand to specify project, priority, etc.
  • Reminder: Optional human-readable date specifier in a format Todoist understands, like “next Wednesday” or “Tomorrow”. If blank, no reminders will be assigned to the task.
  • Comment: Also optional, but if this template generates text, it will be added to the new task as a comment.
  • Identifier: Arbitrary string identifier for the Todoist credentials to use. This value is only needed if you wish to use more than one account with Drafts. If used, all actions with the same identifier will use the same alternate login for Todoist.