Action Step – WordPress

Post to a WordPress site. This action relies on the WordPress XML-RPC API, which is active by default on most newer WordPress installations, but may be subject to rate limits or blocking on some hosts.


  • Credential Identifier: A friendly name for the associated credentials used for this action. The first time the action is run, the user will be prompted to enter the WordPress site home page URL, and their username/password. This information will be stored for future use and can be reset in Settings > Credentials. If you only post to one WordPress site, leave this blank. If you post to more than one site, each WordPress action with the same credential identifier will share the same credentials.

  • Post Title: Template for post title.
  • Post Content: Template for content of the post.
  • Post Status: Status of the post once it is created. Default is “Draft”.
  • Post Format: Default “Standard”.
  • Categories: Comma-delimited list of categories to assign to the post. If the category does not already exist it will be created.
  • Tags: Comma-delimited list of tags to assign to the post. If the tag does not exist it will be created.
  • Post Slug: Optional URL slug for the post. The result of this field will be URL encoded.
  • Excerpt: Optional shorter excerpt to display in blog listing.
  • Custom Fields: The step can also accept two named custom fields and values. If used, the name of the custom fields should match ones which already have already been created in your WordPress site.