Changelog - Mac

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  • New: Add “Window > Float Selected Draft” menu item to open new draft window.
  • New: Add “Window > Float Selected Draft On Top” menu item to open new draft window floating over other applications.
  • Fix: Drafts in floating windows should support all Editor menu commands.
  • New: Button in title bar to toggle “on top” floating status of draft windows.
  • New: Add “Editor > Navigate” menu item to trigger navigation.
  • Change: Remove “Navigate” top level main menu item.
  • New: Add periodic check for subscription status changes
  • Fix: If same draft was loaded in main editor as other open windows, and the app became inactive directly after making edits, the edits could revert.
  • Fix: Workspace editor would mis-select sort order for “all” folder when changing flagged sort.
  • New: Update to MultiMarkdown 6.4.0 (was on 6.3.2).


What’s New

  • New: MULTIPLE WINDOWS! Double click a draft in the draft list to open it in a separate window.
  • New: Badge notification settings now allow badge count to be based on a selected workspace’s inbox only. This allow greater control over which drafts should be considered unprocessed for purposes of the badge count. If a workspace is selected, other filtering options are disabled.
  • New: Add “Maps” button to created/modified locations in draft detail to allow opening the location in Maps.
  • New: Display device along with created, modified dates in draft detail allow referencing whether the draft was created or last modified on Mac, iPhone or iPad.
  • New: Moved navigation function from toolbar to within editor. Now responds to CMD-\ to popup anywhere in draft as well.

Other Changes and Fixes

  • Fix: Hide find panel with window that opened it.
  • Change: Change tag token field behavior to avoid all existing tags being selected when entering the field.
  • Fix: Better handling of sync changes which trash/delete drafts which are loaded in the editor.
  • Fix: Deselecting a draft from a range of drafts would not remove it from a subsequent merge operation.
  • Change: Be more aggressive about trying to sync any pending changes on application quit.
  • Fix: Improve tint color selector in icon selection popover in Workspace editor.
  • Change: Empty state in drafts list and capture window draft list.
  • Fix: Don’t open main window when activating app if capture window is already visible.
  • Change: Misc. UI tweaks.


  • Fix: “Open main window on launch” preference was not working properly.
  • Fix: Clicking on dock icon should open main window if no other windows are visible.
  • Fix: Prevent task marks from being marked as grammar errors when grammar checking is enabled.
  • Fix: Hopefully a fix for case where duplicate drafts could get created from Share extension or other URL calls.
  • Change: If HTML passed to HTML Prevew has a title element, use that title as the window title.
  • Fix: Several VoiceOver labels in preferences.
  • Fix: New blank line at end of draft did not have the right line height/style until something was typed on the line.
  • Fix: Merge operation did not properly pickup selected rows if you shift-selected a range for rows in list.

New Version Numbering: Moving forward, each feature release of Drafts will get a major version number. Minor version numbers will still be used for bug fix and minor releases. If you look back, it’s the same thing we’ve been doing, but we’re dropping the “5”.


  • New: “New in Workspace” option in File menu to create new draft with workspace tags already assigned.
  • Change: Better HTML output for fenced code block when using GitHub Markdown option.
  • Change: Edit > Find > Search Drafts (shift-command-F) should work in Capture window.
  • Fix: Better handling of activation of the app when no windows are visible.
  • Change: Support broader data types in share extension.


What’s New

  • New: “Tag > Add…” and “Tag > Remove…” commands to bulk assign or remove tags from selected drafts. Available both in File menu and context menu of draft list.
  • New: “Merge…” command to merge multiple selected drafts. Available both in File menu and context menu of draft list.
  • New: Rename and Delete tag commands in context menu of tags in the filter list.
  • New: “Correct spelling automatically” editor setting to better support automatic substitutions.
  • New: Ability to assign global keyboard shortcut to the main Drafts window (in Preferences).

Other Fixes and Changes

  • Change: Reorganized flag menu items in File menu and added support for using them on multiple selections in list.
  • Fix: Disabling “Open main window on launch” preference was not working properly.
  • Fix: Sync sometime would not fail to properly update other devices when a draft was move archived/trashed.
  • Fix: Appending to draft via capture window would not update the draft in the main window editor if it was loaded.
  • Fix: Issue selecting draft in draft list after “new draft after” timeout expired.


  • Initial Public Release