Mac Beta Changelog

It is recommended that if you use the beta on macOS, you also use the beta on iOS. Please fill out the iOS beta program application.


  • Quick fix for pro features being locked.


  • New: Bulk export options in context menu of draft list to allow export of selected drafts as JSON, CSV or text file.
  • Change: Better handling of restore purchase process to help avoid confusion about the fact that you can’t restore iOS purchases on the Mac.
  • Change: Remove extra fine print in pro purchase screen, since Apple no longer requires them.


  • A few visual fixes and under-the-hood fixed to bring Mac build inline with newer iOS TestFlight builds.


  • A few visual fixes and under-the-hood fixed to bring Mac build inline with newer iOS TestFlight builds.


  • Built with Xcode/macOS Beta software. If using this beta, it is recommended you also join the iOS Beta program.
  • New: Default workspace added to control the default list settings to be applied when clearing filters.
  • New: New list setting to “Show date” enabling the date information to be hidden from list preview if preferred.
  • Misc. small changes.


  • Fix: Rewrote link mode (it was broken in last release). Should behave the same, other than links now being underlined.
  • Fix: Fix performance and excessive logging issue in sync.


  • Fix: Address sync timing issue most commonly causing a folder move like archiving not to register on other devices.
  • Change: Update MASShortcut library for global keyboard shortcut handling.


  • Fix: Possible fix for draft list appearing blank on 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fix: Possible fix for text size issue on 10.15 Catalina beta
  • Fix: Possible fix for garbage text issue when fonts are re-assigned by syntax highlighting, usually visible when using code blocks.
  • Fix: Word/character count not properly updating for multiple windows.


  • Fix: Hopefully a workaround for issue where display of text, particularly in code block, turns to garbage characters with certain specific texts.
  • Fix: Preview characters would not match text size when using some Asian language input methods.
  • Fix: Drafts should not prevent shutdown when running.
  • Fix: If main window is visible but minaturized to dock, re-open in when clicking on Dock icon.
  • Fix: Do not re-open main window just when becoming the active app (e.g. via cmd-tab switching)


  • Change: Improvements to Arrange sentence mode.


  • New: Capture window will float over other full screen apps and generally behave more nicely with other apps.
  • New: Arrange mode now supports arranging by sentence.
  • Fix: Crashing bug when moving certain selections of drafts to a different folder, depending on specific sequence selecting them.
  • Fix: Do not show main window re-activating app if floating draft window was already open.
  • Fix: Displayed modified date not updated in draft list when changes made to a draft.


  • New: Button in title bar to toggle “on top” floating status of draft windows.
  • New: Add periodic check for subscription status changes


  • New: Add “Window > Float Selected Draft” menu item to open new draft window.
  • New: Add “Window > Float Selected Draft On Top” menu item to open new draft window floating over other applications.
  • New: Add “Editor > Navigate” menu item to trigger navigation.
  • Change: Remove “Navigate” top level main menu item.
  • Fix: If same draft was loaded in main editor as other open windows, and the app became inactive directly after making edits, the edits could revert.
  • Fix: Workspace editor would mis-select sort order for “all” folder when changing flagged sort.
  • New: Update to MultiMarkdown 6.4.0 (was on 6.3.2).
  • Fix: Drafts in floating windows should support all Editor menu commands.


  • Fix: Hide find panel with window that opened it.
  • Change: Moved navigation function from toolbar to within editor. Now responds to CMD-\ to popup anywhere in draft as well.
  • Change: A few general adjustments to the new multiple window functionality.


  • New: Badge notification settings now allow badge count to be based on a selected workspace’s inbox only.
  • New: Add “Maps” button to created/modified locations in draft detail to allow opening location in Maps.
  • New: Display device along with created, modified dates in draft detail.


  • Fix: Improve tint color selector in icon selection popover.
  • Change: Empty state in drafts list and capture window draft list.
  • Change: Misc. UI tweaks.
  • Fix: Don’t open main window when activating app if capture window is already visible.