iCloud Sync

Drafts syncs across devices and backs up data to iCloud. Information synchronized to iCloud include:

  • Drafts
  • Draft version history
  • Actions and action groups
  • Logs of actions performed
  • Settings and configuration options, including editor options
  • Credentials for services

If an iCloud account is available when Drafts is installed, sync is enabled automatically. Even if you only have Drafts installed on a single device, it is highly recommended you leave iCloud sync active to protect your data so it could be restored in a new installation.

iCloud options are available in Settings > iCloud. If you ever have trouble with sync, it is recommended you visit this area and enable the sync log, which can be sent directly to support from this screen.

Note about iCloud Drive: Drafts syncs using CloudKit, the same iCloud technology that lie beneath iCloud Drive, Notes and other Apple Services. It does not sync via files. Drafts can export and import to files in iCloud Drive, but content in Drafts is not directly visible in iCloud Drive.