Privacy Policy

On the most basic level, we at Agile Tortoise values your privacy and make decisions in our development to respect it to the best of our ability.

Storage and Sync

Drafts stores your drafts locally on the devices you use Drafts on, and syncs across devices using Apple's iCloud. Specifically, the CloudKit portion of iCloud, storing data in your private iCloud database. None of this data is stored on any servers controlled by Agile Tortoise, Inc., and in no case is any of your draft data available to any employees or agents of Agile Tortoise, Inc., unless you specifically share it with us – for example, if requested to help troubleshoot a support issue.

Service Integrations

Drafts integrates with a wide variety of services through actions. In all cases, Drafts only sends your draft data to those services when an action is run by you, and only sends the minimum about of data (like the content of a draft) needed to interact with that service as configured in your actions. *Drafts uses no third party analytics tools or SDKs to track your activity in the app.* If you have opted-in to share information with developers on Apple's platforms, we do receive limited anonymized analytics information provided by Apple.

Subscriptions and Accounts

Drafts maintains information about subscription status on our servers to support renewing purchases and sharing subscriptions across devices. This information is anonymized.


Privacy Policy